A couple of used bicycles in the wrong place.

Weekly photo challenge: Ooh Shiny


The songs of John Mellencamp are guaranteed to distract me, they penetrates my soul and gets me into my own world .

In response to the Daily Posts Weekly photo challenge  ooh shiny




From a trip to Bordeaux 2008, I’m now experimenting with Pictures from the archive.

Weekly photo challenge: Elemental


Earth , air and water captured in this picture taken in april this year. This place is magical with it’s scenes and I try to go there as often as possible.

In response to the Daily posts weekly photo challenge elemental.

Weekly photo challenge: Textures 2


Texture on a tree trunk, too little depth of focus Im afraid.

In response to Daily posts Weekly photo challenge texture

Weekly photo challenge: Textures 1


Rough textures on tarmac.

In response to Daily posts Weekly photo challenge textures

Road to the castle

Out driving and this view was captured holding out the camera through the window after stopping the car.